Walia Lab

University of Nebraska Lincoln

Introductory Plant Physiology, AGRO325 is taught every Spring Semester. Students can expect to gain a solid background in plant-water relation, photochemistry and carbon fixation, phloem translocation, respiration, plant hormones and their role in growth, development and abiotic stress response. Students gain experience in communicating scientific concepts through oral presentations and poster presentations. Poster presentations are open to broader audience and focus on the crop productivity under changing climatic conditions. Course is designed around active student participation in the classroom and working in small groups for laboratory activities. Both undergraduate and graduate students interested in learning about plants are welcome to enroll.

Required Text Book: Plant Physiology by Taiz and Zeiger, Fifth Edition.

Learning Tips: For students to gain the most from the course and score well, it is recommended that you read ~2-3 hours for every hour spent in the class. Ask questions during the class. Since there are no study guides/notes for this class, it is best to listen very attentively and read the text soon after the class session. Class participation is rewarded.

Poster presentations

Poster session by AGRO325 students, Spring 2012 in the Department of Agronomy & Horticulture